This is slash fiction, meaning homosexual relationships, in this case male/male. In other words, two hobbit-lads or hobbit-actors doing naughty stuff, and I'm not talking about stealing carrots. People who are underage or can't handle homoerotic fiction, please leave now.

RPS stories

Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd and any of their friends, family members or work collegues mentionned in these stories are real people who belong to their own selves. I don't own them and I'm not making money out of these stories. The events in these stories are fictional. I highly doubt they've ever slept together, even if their attitude towards one another has made me raise an eyebrow so often I've got a cramp above my left eye.


Zaphyr's Quest (Rated NC-17, EW/DM) *UPDATED 11/24/2003*
An amazing discovery in an attic opens the door to an unknown world.

If the above website doesn't work for you for technical reasons, or if you just feel claustrophobic in those tiny frames, you can directly access the chapters list here, but know that you might eventually miss little goodies like maps and timelines.


Fire and Ice : Ice (Rated PG-13, EW/SA)
It's cold on the "Cirith Ungol" set...

Fire and Ice : Fire (Rated NC-17, EW/SA)
Elijah and Sean give in to temptation.

Fire and Ice : Melted (Rated NC-17, EW/DM ; implied EW/SA)
Elijah must get over a broken heart. Dominic offers his help.


Iced Tea (Rated PG-13, EW/DM)
It's a hot summer day, and Elijah's mother makes iced tea.

Calling Home (Rated NC-17, EW/DM)
Elijah calls home from the set of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Over Coffee (Rated PG-13, EW/DM)
Elijah and Dom have a chat in the morning.

FPS stories

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin and their friends, family and fellowship buddies were created by JRR Tolkien and are his property. I'm not making any money out of these stories.

Christmas Traditions (Rated NC-17, M/P)
Merry and Pippin pull a prank on Christmas Day.

Lost and Found (Rated NC-17, M/P ; F/M)
Frodo and Merry remember old times.

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