Title: "Over Coffee"
Author: Uluviel (uluviel@fourhobbits.net)
Pairing: Dominic/Elijah
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: RPS
Spoilers: None
Archive: Four Hobbits only. Others ask.

Summary: Elijah and Dom have a chat in the morning.

Disclaimer: It never happened. I don't own Elijah and Dominic.

Story Notes: Dialogue ficlet.

* * *

"How long have as it been?" Elijah asked one morning, peering at Dom over his cup of coffee.

Dom pushed aside his newspaper to look at Elijah. "Huh?"

"Us. How long have we been together?"

"I dunno. A year and a half?" He took a bite of muffin. "Why are you asking this now?"

"Just wondering. We've kind of gotten domestic, no?"

"Guess so. Is that a bad thing?"

"No, no. But if it's been over a year, why haven't we ever celebrated an anniversary?"

"Is this because Sean stood us up last night to celebrate his anniversary with Christine? Get over it, mate."


"B'side, we had sex instead. It's a good way as any to spend an evening."

"Hmm, it really was nice," Elijah said with a lazy smile. "Not that I'm not enjoying quick shags, but man is it great to have a nice, slow fuck every once in a while."

"Yeah, we don't do it nearly enough."

"Nah, it's like chocolate. It's sweet once in a while, but have it everyday and it loses it's appeal. And we don't have two hours to spend in bed every night."

"Very true."

"Back to the point, though - when did we get together? A year and a half, that would make it... when?"

"Look, I've been up for 15 minutes." Dom said, rubbing his eyes. "My memory only comes in at 10, and my maths skills don't work weekends."

"No, but lame humor is obviously doing overtime. Dom, we don't have an exact date. No aniversary of any kind."

"You know, if you want flowers..."

"Not the point. We have no idea when we got together."

"It was a progressive thing."

"But there has to be a definite moment... one when you first thought of me as your boyfriend."

"I can't remember when I did... I think Billy refered to you as my boyfriend, I sort of just followed suit." Dom said. "You?"

"No, I can't remember, that's what's bothering me. Do you remember when you realized you were in love with me?"

"Umm... no?"

"See? This is disturbing."

"I am though -- in love with you."

"I know. But...we have no defining moments in our relationship."

"How about our first kiss?"

"On the cheek? On the mouth? French kiss?"

"Ok... First time we thought about each other sexually?"

"You're not the only one on that set I've fantasized about, Dom."

Dom raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Oh really?"

"Besides, it might not have been at the same time for both of us."

"Right... So, first time we had sex?"

"You mean the night was watched that porn movie together?"

"That wasn't really sex. We hadn't even kissed then. I meant the first time we fucked."

"We were sex partners way before we starting having anal sex."

"Ok, how about when we decided to be exclusive?"

"I already thought we were -- you didn't." Elijah said bitterly.

"I apologized a thousand times for that already. It was an honest mistake." Dom said. "When we started to tell people?"

"Everyone had already guessed by then, anyway."

"How about the day I moved in?"

"We were already in love, exclusive, having sex. It would be earlier than that."

"I give up. Pick up a dart, aim at a calendar, and we'll call whatever date you hit our anniversary."

Elijah picked a dart from the board hung on the back of the kitchen door and threw it towards the calendar. It hit the wall two inches away from it.

"Nice." Dom scoffed. "And now there's a hole in the wall."

"I'll call Sean. Maybe he could help us."

"I'm sure nothing could surprise him at this point. Why not?"

The phone rang five times before someone answered. " 'lo?"

"Hey, Sean, do I wake you up?"

"Um, yeah."

"Sorry, dude. Had a nice evening?"

"A late one. What do you want?"

"When did Dom and I get together?"


"Like, our anniversary, do you know when it is?"

"If someone knows that, Elijah, it's you. Or Dom."

"We don't. Help us."

"You two were smitten with each other from the day you met. It's been over three years. Have a good day." He said before hanging up.

. . .. . .

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