Title: Christmas Traditions
Author: Uluviel (uluviel@fourhobbits.net)
Pairing: Merry/Pippin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, Incest
Spoilers: None
Archive: Least Expected. Others ask.

Summary: Merry and Pippin pull a prank on Christmas Day.

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns these characters. I'm not making any money off of them.

Story Notes: I know Hobbits didn't celebrate Christmas, hence the AU label.

* * *

"Shhh! We'll be heard."

Pippin stopped giggling when he felt Merry's hand smacking the back of his head. "Ow," he whined.

"Shhh!" Merry insisted.

Under the kitchen table, cleverly hidden by the long tablecloth, which reached the floor, the two hobbits were patiently waiting for the moment to execute their latest prank. "But everyone's asleep," loudly whispered Pippin.

"Well, let's not wake them up, now." said Merry, crawling on all fours towards the tablecloth. He raised it slightly and peeked underneath. He quickly let go of it. "He's here. Be silent now."

Pippin made an extra effort to cover any sounds he may be making. When Merry noticed his cousin was turning a nice shade of blue, he whispered, "Oh you can breathe, you fool."

They waited under the table while an old hobbit dressed in red put presents under the decorated tree, and drank the milk and cookies that little hobbit kids had left for him. Pippin buried his face in Merry's shoulder to smother his laughs.

They heard the front door open and close and knew the old hobbit had left the house. Merry peeked under the tablecloth to verify. He turned to Pippin and nodded. Slowly, both of them crawled out from under the table and, with the most light-footed step a hobbit can have, headed for the presents.

* * *

By sunrise the next morning, the kids in the household were already up and dragging their parents out of bed. Soon enough, a gathering of hobbits was sitting by the tree, opening presents.

Pippin's father had received a dress, his mother a jumping rope, and one of his sisters, a box of chocolate (which she hated). Things weren't better on the Brandybuck side. Merry's mother had received a tie and his father, a doll. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and other relatives had all received rather odd gifts. Confusion reigned amongst all the Brandybucks and Tooks, all except two.

"I think, my dear cousin, that this was your best idea yet." Merry whispered to Pippin as they overlooked the scene in the living room. Pippin smiled proudly, clutching to the flowered hat that had ended up with. Oh, this was a fine idea indeed.

* * *

Much later, Pippin found Merry in the dining room, munching on a cupcake. "Have they figured out what goes to whom yet?" he asked as he saw Pippin approach with a present in hand.

"They have," Pippin said. "You got a vest." He handed Merry his rightful present.

"What did you get?" Merry asked.

Pippin pointed to the long knitted piece around his neck. "A scarf."

Merry chuckled. "I should have noticed you were wearing it inside. Cake?" He asked Pippin, taking another small cupcake from the table.

"Always," smiled Pippin, and he eagerly accepted the food from Merry. "They are trying to find out who is responsible for switching the name tags on the gifts." Pippin said between bites.

"Oh my," Merry said. "How long do you reckon we have left until they come running after us with picks and forks?"

Pippin laughed. "Between a few seconds and a few minutes."

"Hey, you have cream filling on your face," Merry said, pointing to Pippin's face. "Here, let me..." He extended his hand and wiped the cream from the corner of Pippin's mouth. Pippin's lips opened slightly as he gasped. Merry's fingers so close to his mouth sent chills down his spine. He looked at Merry and realized Merry's eyes seemed to bore into him in a way he'd never noticed before. Their gazes remained locked as Merry's finger slipped between Pippin's lips. Pippin licked it clean.

"There they are!"

They separated immediately and Merry quickly wiped his wet finger on his pant leg. The fire that had started to settle in his belly quickly dispelled as he was grabbed by the ear and dragged to one of the lesser-used living rooms of the house.

"Ow, ow, ow." Pippin complained as he jogged to keep up with his fast-paced father, who also had him by the ear.

They were locked in the room, and through the door, Saradoc Brandybuck yelled, "Stay in there for a while, and think about what you've done. We'll come get you in a while."

"Ahh," Pippin said, stretching, "what would Christmas be without us locked in a room for a few hours?"

Merry smiled. "It's become a tradition."

"Traditions are important." Pippin said.

"Of course they are." Merry said. A long ackward silence followed. "Listen, Pippin, about what happened before..."

"Maybe we should forget about it, Merry."

"No, I don't think we should. This isn't something that came out of nowhere, Pippin. At least not for me." Merry whispered softly. He almost cried when Pippin looked away. "Pippin, say something, please."

"I don't know what to say, Merry," said Pippin. "You're my best friend. I've never thought about you that way, never looked at you this way."

"Then look." Merry walked up to Pippin, grabbed his chin and turned Pippin's face towards him.

Pippin stared at Merry for a moment and discovered everything he's always ignored, everything about love and lust. Things that he knew had lived in him but he'd never explored, never cared much about. He was young, and all he'd ever wanted from Merry was a playmate, a fellow prankster. Now... "Oh, Merry."

Merry's fingers trailed on his cheek. "Yes?"

"Merry..." whispered Pippin, wrapping his arms around Merry's neck. Merry's arms went around his waist and he held Pippin close. He looked up and smiled. "My dear Peregrin, if memory serves me well, you said earlier that traditions were important."

"I did, cousin." Pippin's fingers were now happily playing with Merry's curly hair. Merry leaned closer to Pippin and whispered in his ear.

"We're standing under the mistletoe, my love."

Pippin looked up and saw the small plant hanging on the ceiling. He laughed and rested his head on Merry's shoulder. Then he turned his head slightly and his lips met Merry's.

The kiss was tentative at first. Pippin had been kissed before, but never had it affected his mind and body that way. He could barely think, and his legs were slowly turning into jelly. And most importantly, there was a flaming heat in his groin. He shied away from Merry, not letting go his lips but distancing their hips, afraid that Merry would feel his growing excitement. Merry noticed and, smiling, tightened his hold on Pippin's waist and pressed them closer. An "Oh!" of surprise escaped Pippin's mouth as he felt a very identifiable hardness against his hips.

Pippin walked backwards until the back of his legs hit a small ottoman. He sat down, pulling Merry with him. Without breaking the kiss, Merry kneeled on the floor in front of Pippin, his hands leaving Pippin's waist to settle on his thighs.

Pippin felt Merry's tongue licking his lips, and his mouth opened slightly in surprise. Seizing the occasion, Merry's tongue slipped between Pippin's opened lips. Pippin moaned softly, somewhere in the back of his throat.

Merry's hands ran over Pippin's thighs, definitely moving closer and closer to the now very noticeable tent in Pippin's pants. When his thumb ran over the engorged member, Pippin shouted. "Oh, Merry!"

"Shhh!" Merry laughed. "Do you want to get caught? I have a feeling the punishment would be much worse this time around."

"I'm rather enjoying this punishment." Pippin said.

"So I've noticed." Merry said, unbuttoning Pippin's pants.

"Hmm, Merry?" asked Pippin, getting his friend's attention. "I've never, um, done this before."

"Oh." Merry said. "Is it alright then, or should I stop?"

"No, no, I just-- I felt that you should know."

"Then sit back and let me take care of you," Merry said. "Just enjoy it." His hand found its way under Pippin's opened pants, and wrapped itself around Pippin's erection. Pippin gasped at the sensation the touch caused, cursing through his body like liquid fire, centering in his lower belly and tightening his stomach. He thrust in Merry's hand, wanting more.

Merry pulled Pippin's penis from his pants, and leaned down to lick the white drop on the tip. Pippin's hands clasped at the sides of the ottoman, knuckles white. Pleased with the reaction he caused, Merry began long licks from the base to the head, until, in a move that elicited a sharp yelp from Pippin, he wrapped his lips around the tip.

Merry's suction drove Pippin crazy, but he noticed that one of Merry's hand was stroking his own erection, now also freed from its clothing. Pippin tried to bend down, to reach for it and please Merry as Merry was pleasing him. But Merry pushed Pippin’s hand away and straightened him up. Pippin's protests quickly died as Merry's mouth dove down on his, and took him whole. Grabbing handfuls of Merry's hair, Pippin came deep in his throat.

With a few more strokes on his own cock, Merry came in his turn, a warm sticky liquid flowing in his hand, and onto the floor through his fingers.

"Oops," he said about the mess on the floor, while buttoning up his pants after they'd both recuperated.

Pippin pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Merry. "Here." Merry cleaned his hand and the floor and Pippin put the handkerchief back in his pocket. "Do tell, Meriadoc, why did you push me away before?"

Merry laughed and rested his head on Pippin's lap to demonstrate. "Now, try to reach my lap with your hand, Pippin." Pippin did, and promptly ended sprawled on the floor by Merry's side.

"That's why, my love." said Merry with a laugh, as he laid by Pippin's side and wrapped his arms around him. Pippin cuddled up to Merry, his face pressed against Merry's chest. Merry softly kissed the top of his head.

"Where did you learn how to do all that, Merry?" asked Pippin.

"Do you really want to know?"

Pippin thought for a moment. "No. No I don't."

Merry caressed Pippin's hair. "It doesn't matter anyway, Pip."

"I guess not." Pippin lifted his head and kissed Merry. "This Christmas was pretty nice, after all, wasn't it Merry?"

"I expect next year to be even better." Merry said.

"Hmm... we should start a new tradition, Merry."

"Yes, maybe we're getting to old for Christmas pranks. We should consider a more... grown-up tradition."

"Well, I do believe we may just have found it." Pippin said softly, and he held onto Merry tightly, only letting go when they were let out of the room hours later, much to their disappointment. But even then, it was temporary, because that very night, he was in Merry's bed, and they held each other for the entire night, and every night after that for a very long time.

. . .. . .

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